Zirconia Ceramic Tubes

Zirconia Ceramic Tubes
Product name : Zirconia Ceramic Tubes
Item : CE002
Details :

Materials: Zirconia

Alumina (Al2O3) ceramics is a hard, chemically resistant material and has the ability to withstand very high temperatures in aggressive environments. We offers Alumina with various purity levels, including 99.8%,99.5% and 99.0%. The level of purity, grain size, and density required is dependent on the rigors of the application and the component configuration.
Standard Foyo Alumina products include various tubes, rods, crucibles, boats, trays, dishes, and discs that are available for purchase online. We also have significant capabilities for producing custom engineered Alumina products. Please contact us and our experienced engineers can assist you in the material selection and design of your advanced ceramic components.

Zirconia ZrO2/HfO2 89.0%
Yttria Y2O3 10.5%
Silica SiO2 0.15%
Alumina Al2O3 0.20%
Titania TiO2 0.05%
Calcia CaO 0.05%
Iron Oxide Fe2O3 0.04%
Magnesia MgO 0.001%
Sodium Oxide Na2O 0.01%
Potassium Oxide K2O 0.001%

Thermal Properties
ConductivityOpen Porosity Expansion Coefficient Max Use Temperature
(no Load)
20℃                                    800℃ 20~1000℃
2 W/m°K 2 W/m°K 11.3x10^-6/℃ 2200℃
14°F 14°F 6.3x10^-6/°F 4000°F

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