Ceramic Components

Ceramic Components
Product name : Ceramic Components
Item : CE004
Details :
 With sintered alumina as a base, many other types of ceramic material have been developed, The technical ceramics are classified according to their use, specifically functional material (electro-ceramics) and structural materials (engineering ceramics).
As a leading exporter of advanced technical ceramics, Foyo continually develops and provides the most advanced ceramics.

 High reliability and safety
 High density and mechanical property
 High Temperature Resistant
 Excellent corrosion and wear resistance
 Self-Lubricating and Self-Cleaning

 Alumina(Al2O3): 95, 99.3, 99.7
 Silicon Carbide(SiC)
 Silicon Nitride(Si3N4)
 Zirconia(ZrO2)
 Others(ZTA, MACOR, Micro-hole Ceramic)

Forming technologies;
 Cold Isostatic pressing
 Injection moulding pressing
 Dry pressing
 Hot pressing
 CNC Processing
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