Ceramic Bars and Ceramic Bushings

Ceramic Bars and Ceramic Bushings
Product name : Ceramic Bars and Ceramic Bushings
Item : CE003
Details :
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Place of Origin: Fujian China (Mainland)
Type: Ceramic bars and bushings
Material:Structure Ceramic Zirconia Ceramics Alumina Ceramics
Brand: Foyo
Color: white

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail: 1. carton box with foam 2. free fumigation wooden box with foam
Delivery Detail: normally 30 - 35 working days


Wear resistance/Zirconia Ceramic Bushing/Sleeve/Mechanical
1. factory owner
2. wear resistant
3. high strength and hardness

1. Advanced ceramics
low density
high hardness
high mechanical strength
dimensional stability (specific stiffness)
resistance to wear
resistance to corrosion (resistance to chemical attack)
weathering resistance
high working temperature
low or high thermal conductivity
good electrical insulation
dielectric and ferroelectric properties

At the present time the special position in area of equipment for dwelling houses and production facilities is occupied by electric heating devices which key elements are, surely, tubular electric heaters (TEHs). Ceramic bushings, being mounted at the ends of a tubular heater, provide its electrical insulation and air-tightness. Thus, we manufacture the products which can be found almost anywhere – in electric boilers, autoclaves, washing mashines, water heaters, electric hot plates, etc. Such a broad scope of usage results in a wide diversity of ceramic bushings’ forms and sizes

4. More about us:

Foyo is a leading manufacturer of advanced ceramic products in China. We supply quality ceramic components with competitive price. Our fine ceramics were exported to Europe, North America, Japan, South Korea, Australia, the quality is creditable.

Our available materials for sale are:
high purity alumina(Al2O3), zirconia(ZrO2), Silicon Carbide, Silicon Nitride, Boron Nitride, steatite, metalized ceramics etc.

Our general ceramic parts include:
ceramic tube, ceramic rod, ceramic plate, ceramic disc valve, ceramic wafer, ceramic seal, ceramic bearing, ceramic valves, ceramic pump plunger, ceramic beam, ceramic roller, ceramic shaft, ceramic screw, ceramic sleeve, ceramic washer, ceramic lamp holder, ceramic insulator, ceramic nozzle, ceramic lining, ceramic guide, ceramic grinding media, ceramic milling ball or beads, ceramic bushing, ceramic substrates, ceramic piston, ceramic ferrule, ceramic ignitor, ceramic bolt and nut, ceramic crucibles, ceramic foam filter etc.

These precision tolerance ceramic components or assemblies are used in a wide range of semiconductor, electronic, electrical, mechanical, chemical, automotive, textile and the other industrial engineering applications, due to their extreme hardness, more resistances to wear, heat, corrosion, high eclectric insulation and low thermal expansion.

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