Q: What kind of ceramics is used in ceramic valves?
A: The ceramic valves used in ceramic valves are very different from that used in everyday life. Generally, they are industrial Metal oxide or nitride ceramics, such as Alumina, Zirconia, Silicon nitride, and so on. Such ceramics has excellent performance in all kinds of high corrosive, abrasive, erosive applications due to their extreme hardness, corrosive resistance and abrasive resistance.

Q: What is Ceramic Valves?
A:  Ceramic Valve is that one or several parts of the valve are made of Ceramics. For ceramic ball valve, the ball and seats, sometimes as well as the body lining, are made of ceramics.

Q: Which fields are the ceramic valves used in?
A:  The ceramic valves are suitable for so many severe applications such as Coal fired power plants, steel works, polysilicon industry, waste incineration plants, paper&pulp, mining, pneumatic conveying, fertilizer, and chemistry. In which both/either corrosive resistance and abrasive resistance are/is required for valves.

Q: How many types of ceramic valves supplied by Foyo valve?
A:  Foyo's products range mainly include Ceramic ball valves, ceramic gate valves, ceramic check valves, ceramic butterfly valves, as well as all kinds of ceramic tubes, elbows and other industrial ceramic components.

Q: How about the Foyo ceramic valves' quality?
A: Foyo founder has more than 10 years experience on ceramic valves, and we have professional and experienced engineers, workers and the ISO 9001 Quality Management System also ensure the quality of our products quality.